Welcome to the Vera development site! Many links on this page are not up yet, but please do check out the "wiki", "forum" and "project page" above.

What is Vera, you ask? Vera is the true calc lover's OS. It hasn't been coded yet, but the main idea behind it is that it consists of a very basic kernel that allows for file storage and some hardware control, on top of which other programs or plug-ins can be built. This approach has been nicked the Core Design Principle. It should make it possible for many people to work on one big project, without making it a huge mess.

If this will turn out to be true is to be found out, because not many z80 projects have been made by more than one person in the history of calculator programming. Vera will be designed for the Ti-83+ at first, and can perhaps later be ported to other "flashable" calculators.

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  • Featured Plugins [Feb 19 2006]
    People will be designing plugins all the time! We'll post the great ones here.

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